Friday, January 7, 2011

Putting your Crafts to Good Use

Volunteer your time at home and make crafty things for others!

This past summer I moved to Chicago and I immediately went to raverly to see what Chicago might have to offer. And thus I came across one singularly amazing group: "The ForeFront Stitchers"

Here, at the University of Chicago, is a group of crafters, both crocheting and knitting, who gather together to make beautiful items for the hospitals. This group makes baby blankets for parents adopting new children and chemo caps for those who need them. Right now they are currently collecting scarves to help people stay warm during the cold winters of Chicago.

Still getting warmed up, to date I have completed only one scarf and almost 1 blanket. Technically the blanket has been "done" for over a month but as it generated approximately 800 loose ends, it is taking me quite sometime to get them all tied in. By monday though, I will add two more scarves to the list. One is currenlty about 30 inches long, and the other is yet to be started. 

I encourage you to find similar groups in your area, or start your own! hospitals are always a good place to look if you are starting your own, or places of religion or shelters. This is a wonderful way to make what you do everyday into somebody else's happy day.


  1. What a gorgeous blog. You are soo talented!

  2. Have you heard of Project Linus? It's very similar, but I think they just do blankets. I've been wanting to do something like that but just haven't yet - good reminder! I love that you're doing something good for strangers with your talents. :)